Valid Vacation Rental Values

Vacation Rentals are privately owned, fully furnished houses, condominiums, or apartments that are rented out to guests for a set period of time. Vacation Rentals can be rented anywhere from 1 night to a year. 

Where to Book?

Vacation rentals can be booked primarily by using one of the following websites:

1) The Company’s Website

2) Airbnb

Airbnb is a 3rd party vacation rental company that connects tourists to various vacation rental companies around the world. Airbnb currently is in over 191 countries and 65,000 cities, with more than 3,000,000 listings.


VRBO, similiar to Airbnb, is a 3rd party travel website company that helps people find the appropriate vacation rental accomodations for their trip. VRBO currently hosts more than 1 million properties within 190 countries. 

4) HomeAway

HomeAway is a popular vacation rental website that helps travelers find their temporary home for their vacation. They currently hosts over 2 million properties within 190 countries on their website.

Why Vacation Rentals?

1) Cheaper

While both vacation rentals and hotel rooms vary in price, vacation rentals overall are cheaper and provide a better value for the guest(s). According to SmarterTravel, “off-season rates of $174 a night for a room at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on Hawaii’s Big Island (including a $25 resort fee, but not including tax). However, for $185 – $195 a night (not including taxes) you could get a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo at nearby Vista Waikoloa with a full kitchen and access to pools, hot tubs and concierge service” (Are Vacation Rentals Right for You?, 2017). Vacation rentals are especially economical for large families becaue the costs of it can be split amongst all members of the party!

2) Space

The greatest benefit of choosing to stay at a vacation rental, rather than a hotel is the space it provides the guests. Not only will you gain more square footage, but it will also allow you the freedom to relax and move about more comfortably.

3) Privacy

Privacy is another great benefit to staying in a vacation rental, rather than in a hotel. Vacation rentals provide tourists with their very own personal space. Guests do not have to worry about their neighbors being too noisy or abnoxious. Besides gaining privacy from your fellow neighbors, people can also keep their privacy or “alone time” from other members of their party, since vacation rentals offer more than just your typical 1 bedroom, living space, and bathroom area. Due to the increased comfort of a vacation rental, they almost seem like your own personal home away from home. 

4) Family-friendly

Unlike hotel rooms, vacation rentals are extremely family friendly. With the extra space vacation rentals provide, family and friends can gather together to play games, watch a movie, or eat under one roof without feeling crammed in. 

5) Kid-friendly

With a yard to roam, their own space to play with their favorite toys, and overall increased square footage, vacation rentals are considered a very kid/child-friendly alternative to hotels. 

6) Pet-friendly

Many vacation rentals allow you to bring along your best pal, a benefit not many hotels will offer guests. It also allows your pet to roam more freely than if they were situated in a hotel room. 

7) Kitchen & Dining Room

Vacation rentals come with a fully stocked kitchen. The kitchens features several appliances that many hotels won’t offer like a stove top, a microwave, and a dish washer. For those who may want to save money, this amenity allows visitors to cook/prepare their own meals for their family without having to worry about who is going to chunk out money to pay the bill at the restaurant every night. Another great benefit of vacation rentals are that they feature a full sized dining room table, allowing guests to host their entire party at their table, as opposed to squashing together on a sofa. 

8) Great Amenities 

Vacation rentals offer tourists with several unique amenities not otherwise offered at many hotels. One such amenity is a laundry room featuring a washing machine and a dryer. Other amenities may include, but are not limited to: a private deck, your own yard, free Wi-Fi, concierge service, etc.  

9) Convenient

Whether it’s a beach, an amusement park, or a lake, a large majority of vacation rentals are conveniently located near your desired destination(s). 

10) 24/7 Service

Most vacation rentals, like Beachfront Only, are on call for any problems a guest may have, whether it is maintenance or asking for some local recommendations. 


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