The Best North County San Diego Beaches to Visit

The San Diego area is home to over 70 miles of coastline that attracts people from all over the country to soak up the California sunshine. North County San Diego beaches are some of the best spots for surfing, swimming, sunsets, snorkeling, and overall relaxation. And all of our vacation rentals in the North County communities of Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Oceanside are on the beach. Choose Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals for your next California vacation and enjoy everything these waterfront communities have to offer. These coastal cities have something unique to offer, and they all provide opportunities for sun-filled days on sandy shores. Read on to discover the best North County San Diego beaches you can visit during your next beach getaway. 

Beaches in Carlsbad, CA

The first town on the list is Carlsbad, located about 35 miles from San Diego. Carlsbad is the perfect blend of exciting attractions and beautiful beaches. Legoland is a popular destination for kids and adults can spend the evening sampling hand-crafted beer from local breweries. Learn more about all of the attractions and things to do in Carlsbad here

  • Ponto Beach: This three-mile-long beach is a favorite spot for surfing in Carlsbad. We recommend parking next to the entrance of Batiquitos Lagoon to access Ponto Beach. The waves on the south end tend to be calmer, but if you are looking for bigger waves, check out the north end of the beach.
  • Tamarack State Beach: This Carlsbad beach is an excellent spot for swimming, surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and beachcombing. From here, you can access four miles of walking trails and catch an incredible view of the sunset over the ocean. 

Beaches in Encinitas, CA

Encinitas is the smallest town on the list but the closest to San Diego. We recommend staying in Encinitas if you want to be closer to the city but still want the charm of a coastal town. Encinitas is a classic California surf town with a laidback vibe and exceptional beaches. 

  • San Elijo State Beach: San Elijio is best known as an optimal spot to catch waves surfing. But the nearby reef is also a popular spot for snorkeling and diving. Swimming can be dangerous here, but sunbathing is always an option for a relaxing day on the beach. 
  • Moonlight State Beach: If you are looking for a beach to visit with your family, we recommend Moonlight State Beach. There is a swimming-only zone here, perfect for a day of splashing in the water.  

Beaches in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside is the furthest from San Diego, but this up-and-coming city has plenty to keep you busy during your beach vacation. This charming SoCal beach town is a surfers’ dream, but it is also known for its arts and culture scene. Oceanside has a bit of something for everyone; check out all of the things to do here

  • Oceanside Harbor Beach: You can easily spend an entire day at Oceanside Harbor Beach. Have a barbeque on the beach or grab lunch at the nearby restaurants. Some other popular activities at this beach include fishing, kayaking, sailing, and whale watching. 
  • Tyson Street Beach: Located within walking distance of the Oceanside Pier, Tyson Street Beach is an excellent place for swimming. There is a park with a large grassy area, perfect for a picnic overlooking the beach. 

Vacation Rentals near North County San Diego Beaches

Now that you know more about all of the North County San Diego beaches, you can start planning your beach vacation. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and treat yourself to a California vacation. Visit the beautiful coastal towns outside of San Diego and spend your days surfing or swimming with the family. However, you want to explore the beach; our Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals are the perfect place to end the day. Browse our oceanfront vacation rentals here and never lose sight of the water with our panoramic doors and beach access.