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Diana - Beachfront Only team member


Sales Director

Diana was born and raised in Oceanside. She knows our rentals like the back of her hand, and is quick and friendly. She provides excellent customer service and is why staying with BeachFront Only is the best experience from finding your vacation rental to booking your stay.

Nanci - Beachfront Only team member


Sales Director

Nanci has been with BeachFront Only for a long time, and has helped us grow. She has the best laugh and loves to help our customers find just the right property to fit their needs. She is knowledgable and kind. When not at work Nanci is hanging out with her kids and hubby!

Patrick - Beachfront Only team member


Maintenance Director

Patrick coordinates all of our maintenace team members. He reminds us all how important it is stay balanced and enjoy this beautiful place we call home. His garden is always busting with fresh fruits and vegi's. He makes his own juices and is so generous to share with us!

Omar - Beachfront Only team member


Housekeeping Director

Omar has been with Beachfrontonly for a long time. We always know that we can count on Omar, he is trustworthy, smart and one of the hardest working people we know. Omar is a problem solver, he is always looking for a solution. We know that you will love Omar if you get the chance to meet him during your stay at one of our vacation rentals.

Peter - Beachfront Only team member


First Responder

Peter is a problem solver. He knowns our properties very well and will come by to help make your vacation run smoothly if you run into any troubles. If he isn't at work, he might be taking his family to Disneyland!

Rachel - Beachfront Only team member



Rachael is one of our sales staff and loves to enjoy the beach as well. She is thorough and knowledgeable. If she isn't at work, she might be enjoying brunch at one of her favorite local spots with her husband and kiddos.

Dana - Beachfront Only team member


Sales and Marketing

Dana is a multitasker, she helps with Sales and Marketing. She is fast and friendly. Dana grew up in North County San Diego and has lived in Carlsbad and Oceanside. She loves to enjoy the beach and sun with her four kids! 

Brianna - Beachfront Only team member


Design Coordinator

You are going to love the clean, fresh look in our vacation rentals and we have Brianna to thank for that. She is the decorator that we use and we love the breezy beachy feeling that she puts into the properties.  If she isn't at work Brianna is playing with her son and husband at the beach!

Nichole - Beachfront Only team member


New Property Coordinator

Nichole helps bring on new properties to BeachFront Only. She helps to coordinate some of the marketing efforts. If she isn't at work, Nichole is hanging out with her son.