Pizza Port Carlsbad

Pizza Port was proudly started in 1987 by a brother and sister in Solana Beach, just one town south of Encinitas. The great pizza and home brewed beer quickly gained popularity with locals and visitors. They expanded to some other local coastal communities including two locations in Carlsbad. The location on Carlsbad Village Drive also has a premium bottle shop which offers crafter brewing consumers the chance to try all kinds of other local options in craft beer.

We love the feel and fun atmosphere in Pizza Port. You can really get a taste of the surf culture that southern california is known for when you step into this pizza and brew place. We highly recommend the Swami’s IPA if you are looking to get a state for what a southern california IPA really tastes like. They are always trying new things so you won’t run out of beer to taste during your vacation.

So, go grab a pizza and pitcher of beer to share with your family and friends.