South Carlsbad State Beach, also known as Ponto, is another great family beach that offers a lot for surfers of all levels.  The main break can be found directly in front of the either arm of the jetty, depending if you prefer to go left or right.  Currents can be a hassle in front of the jetty, particularly if the tide is rising so be aware of what the tide is when you go out.  The jetty can offer a steep point break, and is most friendly to short boards.  If you prefer longer equipment there are waves on the north end of the beach that break farther out and have an easy take-off.  The waves to the north and south of the jetty are shifty beach breaks, and all parts of the beach can hold wave size very well.  On good days the crowds can get protective of the jetty, so be sure to use good surfing etiquette.  Ponto is best ridden on a medium tide.