Occupy Oceanside

Oceanside, great for its’ beaches and unique community, is a wonderful place to stay while visiting in sunny San Diego. During your stay in Oceanside, you can take a stroll down the pier, cast your fishing reel, enjoy some scrumptious fish and chips, or hit the waves and go surfing. There is no limit to what Oceanside has to offer.

Things to Do While Staying in Oceanside

1) Oceanside City Beach

Oceanside City Beach

Oceanside, predominantly known for its’ 3.5 mile beach, provides tourists with plenty of activities to participate in. You can grab your surfboard and hang loose as you ride the waves or attemp to balance yourself up on a paddle board.  If the water isn’t your thing, roll out a towel and get that tan you have always wanted and/or watch as your children build a castle featuring a moat fit for an alligator. 

2) Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier

The Oceanside Pier is a 1,942 foot walkway that leads straight out from the Oceanside City Beach. According to the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, the pier, “remains one of the longest wooden construction recreational piers on the West Coast”. The pier is a great place to visit whether it is to catch a morning stroll, cast a pole to catch fish, or capture that perfect sunset photo as the sun meets the horizon of the ocean. 

This is a sand-bottomed beach break with very shifty peaks, and when you’ve figured out where to sit the wave can be very fun.  Expect to see a lot of people near the pier on both sides, but take time to explore the long beach north and especially south as these parts of the break have a lot to offer.  The wave is fast and is best ridden on shorter equipment.  Oceanside in general is best ridden on a medium tide, but if you’re looking for time to fool around on quick beach breaks, a low tide can be fun.

3) Oceanside Harbor

Oceanside Harbor

The Oceanside Harbor is a great place to experience the local culture. The harbor features an array of eateries like Harbor Fish and Chips or Stratford at the Harbor. After satisfying your hunger you can take a stroll along the harbor and visit some local shops. If you want your sea legs you can also rent a boat and watch in awe as you stare out into the open water as whales pass you on by. 

Oceanside Harbor holds several sections with often very good waves.  Surfing near the jetty, on either side, can be very dangerous if you are inexperienced, and the crowd will get quite aggressive when conditions are good.  The wave at the jetty is a heavy and fast breaking section that, like most waves at river mouths, can provide an opportunity to get inside “the blue curtain.”  On either side of the jetty there are peaks that will move around due to the sandy bottom, but overall most waves will have decent shoulders to ride.  Nearer to the jetty, and in larger conditions, it’s best to ride something short, but on smaller days a long board does the trick just fine.  It’s best to ride here on a medium tide.

4) MIssion San Luis Rey de Francia

MIssion San Luis Rey de Francia

Founded in June 1798 by Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen, the Mission is one of the most architecturally impressive of all the California missions. Built of adobe and faced with brick, it is a composite of Spanish, Mexican, and Moorish styles.

5) Museums

Museums Oceanside CA

There are several museums located in Oceanside. For the surf enthusiasts out there, there is a California Surf Museum. Perhaps surfing isn’t your thing and you consider yourself an art connoisseur, Oceanside has its’ very own Museum of Art. Other museums in Oceanside include the Museum of Making Music, Murmadid Mural Museum & Art Center, etc.

6) Sunset Market

Sunset Market

Every Thrusday from 5pm to 9pm you can come and explore the Oceanside Sunset Market, hosted by MainStreet Oceanside. This weekly gathering is a combination of street fair, farmers market, entertainment venue and fun family event.

 Each week thousands of Oceanside residents and visitors  gather to enjoy unique gift offerings from all over the world, gourmet packaged food, and the live musical entertainment. The International food court includes options from American Classics to Exotic Island Specialties; from European Delicacies to Latin American Favorites. 

Bring your family, friends and neighbors and enjoy an amazing evening in Downtown Oceanside.

Thursday Evenings 
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
All Year ‘Round

7) Legoland

Legoland California

Legoland has something for the whole family and centrally located in Carlsbad. You can easily access it from Oceanside, California. At Legoland there are over 60 rides, shows and attractions. Your little ones imagination can come to life inside the theme park. There is a Stars Wars miniland model display, pirate reef and a water park. There is also the SEA LIFE aquairum where you can see over 5,000 living creatures. There are family friendly play zones, fun facts and quiz trails.