Our staff has been in the vacation rental business for over a decade. We know what it means to give customer service in the vacation rental industry. Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals has become one of the top vacation rental companies in San Diego. Beachfront Only was also rated one of the Top 10 Vacation Rental Companies in the country for Customer Satisfaction by Escapia.

All of our sales staff is from the area and knows it well. We make a point to see, and if possible, stay in every single property so that we can sell with confidence.


Maintenance / Cleaning

We have a full time maintenance and cleaning staff. If something goes wrong, we have a man on the job instantly. We have a fully stocked storage with everything from kitchen utensils to appliances. Therefore, if a refrigerator goes out, the owner is not bothered to replace it, our team will take from our inventory and replace it right away.

Your home will be inspected by one of our turnover specialists after every single stay. This is important, while many homes will get cleaned just fine, there may be inventory missing, or something that the housekeeper missed. With our inspections, the turnover specialists will notice these things and make the unit perfect for the next guest. This also diminishes the wear and tear on the home, by constantly keeping it in move-in condition.

Beachfront only

Vacation Rental Software

We use an advanced yield management rate system to get the most revenue possible out of your rentals. The rates are dynamic and always changing, much like airline tickets.

Your property will have its own page on our website, with a live calendar and up-to-date rates, for online booking.

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    Beachfront only

    A professionally staged photo-shoot and depending on size of home, virtual tour

    Yearly advertising on the highest rated vacation rental websites ($1000+ value)

    A property page on our website, with live calendar, and booking

    A user-friendly floorplan of the unit for prospective tenants

    Use of our maintenance staff.