Surf Lessons

Come and stay at one of our BeachFront Rentals and learn how to surf. It will be easy to get to the beach- just step out your front door.

Before you know it you will be catching waves in sunny Encinitas, Carlsbad or Oceanside. Most lessons begin on the sand where you will learn surf fundamentals like the “pop-up”, water safety and surf etiquette. This way you will feel more prepared and confident out in the water. Before you know you will be standing on your own and catching your own waves.

There are surf schools that will come to you with all the gear that you could need or want, wetsuit check, surfboard check, wax check and sunscreen check.

You can also explore some other beaches and meet with some of the locals at other surf schools in Encinitas, Carlsbad and Ocenside. Some meet at the Pier in Oceanside and others meet at Moonlight beach in Encinitas. There is even a surf school in Cardiff.

Where is the best place to surf?

Well Oceanside boasts over 3.5 miles of white sand beaches and lots of sandbars which make the surf enjoyable from most any spot.

The best beach in Carlsbad to catch a wave is either Ponto beach and Tamarack beach.

Swami’s is the most famous surf spot in Encinitas but don’t miss Beacons or Grand View if you are looking to catch some unforgettable waves and have an awesome surf experience.

Carlsbad, Encinitas and Oceanside are well known for their waves and surf culture. Local coffee shops and surf shops have all the gear you need to go home looking and feeling like a surfer.

There are surf cams available to check out local surf locations from the comfort of our home before heading out to the beach.

Our homes are all surf friendly with beach towels provided for each sleeping spot.