Zoo Safari Park

You also won’t want to miss is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It is located in Escondido and houses a large array of wild and endangered animals from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South American. The most notable feature of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the Africa Tram which lets you explore free-range enclosures where animals live together, you will see antelopes, giraffes, buffalo, cranes and rhinoceros just to name a few.

It has the most successful condor breeding program in the United States. The park also has the world’s largest veterinary hospital.

The San Diego Safari Park has all kinds of activities from the cheetah run to the jungle ropes safari to the behind-the-scene safari, there is something for everyone in your family.

There are events and special meet and greets with the animals during the day. It is stroller friendly and great place to bring kids of all ages. It is amazing to see these animals roaming around together in open spaces.